Foreign Relations, 1969–1976, Volume XLII, Vietnam: The Kissinger-Le Duc Tho Negotiations

SOURCE: Office of the Historian, Bureau of Public Affairs, United States Department of State

John M. Carland
General Editor:
Adam M. Howard
United States Government Publishing Office

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Vietnam: The Kissinger-Le Duc Tho Negotiations, August 1969–December 1973

Attempting the Impossible, August 1969–September 1970 (Documents 1-7)

Discovering the Possible, May 1971–September 1971 (Documents 8-13)

Stalemate and the Nadir of Negotiations, May 1972 (Document 14)

Serious Negotiations and the October Settlement, July 1972–October 1972 (Documents 15-25)

Breakdown of Negotiations, November 1972–December 1972 (Documents 26-41)

Settlement Accomplished: The Accords Initialed and Signed, January 1973 (Documents 42-48)

Attempting To Implement the Accords,February 1973–December 1973 (Documents 49-68)

Appendix 1 (Document 69)

Appendix 2 (Document 70)

Appendix 3 (Document 71)

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